Friday, September 2, 2011

I am reading Fresh Brewed Life by Nicole Johnson and this passage that I read this morning was worth repeating because its kind of what I am going through right now..I hope it uplifts you...

"We have the opportunity to learn from life daily. But so many of us, myself included, miss its lessons and rewards because we aren't paying attention. We barely notice the passages of time. The school bus coming for another pick up; the notches on the door frame marking the kids growth; a beautiful sunrise we never notice, signaling yet another day; the next haircut appointment, marking six or eight weeks that have already flown by.We are not paying attention to our lives when we are merely responding to the tasks required of us. When our souls squeeze out deep questions, like who are you really? If we arent paying attention we may try to answer a question like that with our "to do" list I am not really sure who I am but I am getting alot done."

For some reason life has turned into this for me. I measure my life by the clock. I get up in the morning and take Matt to school and then come home and stick to a strict schedule and routine..I have kind of let the clock run my life instead of seeing the little blessings God has provided.

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