Monday, September 6, 2010

Tired of the drama...

I have to admit... I am sick of drama. My parents cause drama because I honestly dont think they know any better, my ex husband causes drama, and the sad thing is that he drags Matt into his drama and then I have to come along and clean it up. He neglected and abused his son --to the point where his wife had to take Matt away and call me and then the jackleg calls me up and asks me to have him for the weekends again--can we say not a snowballs chance? I am so proud of Matt, he has jumped into 2nd grade with a vengeance. He does his home work every night, is studying for his tests and quizzes and above all else his behavior has improved 200%. Dont get me wrong, he still has his moments but he is not whining like he used to and actually has some good friends in our neighborhood...why then does his dad think I want to go back to the way things used to be. No you are not getting him every other weekend, in fact until he is cleared by a doctor as being stable he will not keep him overnight. Go ahead take me to jail,may my exhusband get me charged with Contempt but I am doing whats best for my son. My son needs stability and structure and I can provide him with that. He doesnt need drama and unstability. I know I am not the World's best mom due to my past but I am overcoming that I am opening a new can of worms so to speak,k there is no more of the past controlling my focus is on my kids.

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